The Essential Way

Magnify your people not by raising the roofs of their houses, but the souls of its inhabitants, advised the Greek philosopher Epictetus (55-135 AD) whose Stoic philosophy emphasized freedom, morality and humanity.

In this spirit, the Cuban Masonic Law in Article 1.1 states: Freemasonry is the organic institution of morality whose purpose is to dispel ignorance, combat vice and inspire a love of humanity.

In relation to freedom, the first plot for independence was hatched in 1810, in the lodge “The Temple of the Theological Virtues.”  And to Masonry also belong the creation of the national emblem, the uprisings of October 10, 1868 and February 24, 1895.

However, in the last half century we have remained frozen in the past. Just look at the facade of the temple where appears inscribed in bronze the agreement of the First National Historical Congress, held in 1942, that stated: “… Cuban Freemasonry has been at all times, since its founding, the organization that has most contributed to independence, freedom, culture and progress, both from the ideological point of view, and by example, of sacrifice, heroism and perseverance of its members to give Cuba a life of human decency, equality, and social fraternity and a sound system of democracy. ”

You could say that we behave according to the model of the Greek philosopher Parmenides (540-450? BC) who claimed that the universe is eternal, unified, unmoved. When, in reality, contemporary science shows us that is closer to the conception of Heraclitus (540-475 BC), defender of the theory of constant mutability. Remember that this philosopher said, the only constant is change and nothing offers more resistance.

In our workshops we Masons are, as defined by social scientists, a seed of civil society. Democratic practices, with their methods and principles, give us, as in the past, the ability to contribute to the changes that our country needs.

Therefore, we must strengthen the genuine values of the Institution. Hence, these are the objectives of the Renewal and Fraternity candidacy, for elections of officers of the Grand Lodge of Cuba in 2012. It is based on three points: 1) Respect for prevailing Masonic Law, under the premise that no one is above the law.  2) A broad National Masonic Reconciliation, without any exclusion.  3) To provide an immediate solution regarding the relationship between Masons living in Cuba and those who are abroad.

In the Coat of Arms of the Grand Lodge of Cuba is the inscription: Sit Lux et Lux Fuit. Infodere vis. Which means: Let there be light, and there was light. In union there is strength.  That reminds us of the importance of cohesion, the road is essential to achieve out of the long dark night of our history.




The undersigned lodges, saddened before the crisis of values and lack of esteem for prevailing Masonic Law, which has resulted in the unfortunate situation that Cuba Masonry is now passing through, have decided to address ALL CUBAN MASONS, without distinction of views or preferences, to invite them to work on a common project: THE REDISCOVERY OF THE PRINCIPLES AND PURPOSES OF UNIVERSAL MASONRY.

This project will be based on three fundamental points:

1.  Respect for prevailing Masonic Law,  under the premise that no one is above the law.

2.  A broad National Masonic Reconciliation, without any exclusion.

3.   Providing an immediate solution regarding the relationship between Masons living in Cuba and those who are abroad.

To meet these basic objectives, WE SUPPORT AND NOMINATE Gustavo Enrique Pardo Valdés, President of the Cuban Academy of Masonic Studies, for Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba in the 2012 elections.

Several of the promoters of the Renewal and Fraternity candidacy in the house of Gustavo Pardo. From right to left: Ernesto Luis Ocaña Gallardo, Jesusito Rodríguez, Martín José Pou Paldo, Gustavo Pardo and Eugenio Valdés Leal.

Gustavo Pardo and several brothers in the temple of the  Mayabeque Lodge of Guines. Sunday November 7, 2010

In the Temple of Truth Lodge of Matanzas. Sunday November 21, 2010. Joint Meeting of Fraternal Clubs.

Translated by ricote

November 23, 2010


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