May 23 was Pentecost Sunday. On this solemn occasion I went to the Eucharist liturgy in the Church of Santa Rita de Casia, in Playa municipality, Havana City, where the Ladies in White also attended. The celebration has its origins in Judaism. It is the feast of the Jewish people in memory of the day when God gave Moses the Tablets of the Law on Mount Sinai. In turn, the Catholic Church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit.

It was Moses who led his people away from the slavery of Egypt and the Ten Commandments are the ethical norms which form the foundations of Western civilization.  At the same time, divine manifestation allowed people who spoke different languages to understand each other with the disciples and Jesus himself.

With a white dove, which is associated with peace, the Holy Spirit is represented.  The color white refers to the devotion we give from ourselves to something higher.  That is why when those who are adept or novices join some religions or fraternities, they are assigned to wear that color.

Throughout the history of the Christian Church, there have been individuals who are attributed with a special divine light.  They are considered to act directly under the protection of the Spirit.  They all share the common factor that they are guided by a light to help those who most need it.  With that same symbolism, the Ladies in White demand freedom for their relatives.

Those who knock down the battlements of fear and start reclaiming the space that belongs to them are increasing in number.  Upon conquering the freedom to communicate among each other, and with others who speak different languages and engage in different beliefs, they have displayed the violation of human rights that exist in Cuba.  The world has united to condemn the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo because the news was immediately spread from within the island.  Upon demolishing the stronghold of defenselessness, in an irreversible manner, those who have decided to take control of their own lives from their skin towards their soul have become empowered.  That is why we see the manipulations of the government to not acknowledge the rights of citizens and how they avoid dialogue with their own people.  That is how they intend to delay the necessary transformations required for our society.

Significantly, Yoani Sanchez was received the 2010 Perfil Award this past Saturday, in the category of freedom of expression, which is promoted by the Editorial Section of the Perfil Argentina.  The tribute took place in silence, behind the doors of her apartment.  In the midst of the insomniac process, guards surrounded the building.

The DHL shipments of diplomas, books, and other objects are prohibited by the State.  Invitations to international events, presentations of books, and conferences in prestigious universities, are all prohibited.

For those who have remained detached from the material, Divine Grace grants them a trophy.  In this jubilee, on the eve of the Pentecost, the Holy Spirit protects the home of the Major Blogger of Cuba.  The Spirit came to her in the form of a silver dove.  Congratulations!


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