Don’t be Shocked by Anything

Among cannibals.  At least when we kill, it is to eat.

Since the founding of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church in Havana, I have been mulling over the Cuba-Russia reconnection.  Some of my blogger colleagues, upon the dedication of the recent Book Fair to that country, quickly posted their brilliant writings on the web. In spite of what chauvinists say, women are smarter and quicker than men.  It is not necessary to substantiate this with neuroscience or brain research; the Biblical reference is enough.  The Book of Genesis tells us that it was Eve who first ate of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, and later convinced Adam to do likewise.  Since then they have the advantage over us.

Russia was the guest of honor at the recent 30th International Tourism Fair.  At the same time, we also celebrated the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The old French proverb, “The more things change, the more they remain the same” is relevant here. These Russians, having shaken off the soviet dust, dream of the tsarist crown and scepter.  Having mutated, the communists now exhibit the desires of the nobility.  Although by their methods, they are more like Ivan the Terrible than Peter I. For this reason, they are natural allies of our lifetime corrupt rulers.  At the end of the day, the mutual enrichment took place under the carte blanche of socialism and the building of communism.  If they pay the fee, they will be equally welcome on the island these modern pirates and buccaneers of the world.  The ambitious speak all languages, even that of the disinterested.

The construction of the great orthodox installation could have been an act of devotion of the successor in power, who now, in his old age and political and economic weakness remembers religion and commends himself to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of Russia and lost causes.  Don’t be shocked by anything.

Translated by HEFA


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