To Our Worthy Ladies in White

Sunday, May 9th, we celebrate Mothers Day in Cuba. This antecedent was established in Philadelphia, USA, where Ana Jarvis founded an Association with the purpose to promote a propaganda campaign in favor of dedicating the second Sunday in the month of May to honor mothers.

The proponent of this homage in our country was Victor Munoz Riera, journalist and member of the Masonic Lodge “Fe Masonica” who adopted that initiative and published an article in El Mundo newspaper with the title “My White Carnation” in 1919. Later after his election as a municipal councilor in Havana, he proposed the foundation of this date in the Municipality of Havana; it was approved on April 27, 1921. Years later, Pastor del Rio, a Mason and a Representative to the House of Representatives of Cuba, got ratification in Congress of the Republic on July 7, 1927.

The family is the angular rock of society and its cohesion is the job of the mother. Today we know, from discoveries about the human genome, that all of us living on the planet carry a part of the primitive mother of humanity, the conventionally called African Eve, embedded in our mitochondrial DNA.

In our homage, we should dedicate a minute of meditation, recite a poem, hum a melody or say a prayer for Mother Creation. Together with all that uninterrupted chain that has made possible the survival of our species, and those who suffer for their children. I, in my own way will include the worthy Ladies in White.

Translated by: Mari Mesa Contreras


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