The Kiss of the Blogger Academy

“Decorated” by Samantha and Samylia Medina Martín

On Thursday the 8th we celebrated the end of the course in the Blogger Academy. Altogether, between the bloggers and others we were 32 people, 27 students and 5 teachers: Yoani Sanchez (Word Press), Miriam Celaya (Cuban Culture), Claudia Cadelo (Blogpost), Reinaldo Escobar (Interactive Journalism), Wilfredo Vallin (Ethics and Law) y Claudio Fuentes Madan (Photography).Those who taught some subjects were students of others.

The interactive dynamic, team spirit, relaxed atmosphere and prevailing joy allowed us to come together like people in a fairy tale: The Musicians of Bremen. We felt happy and “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” according to the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. This happened once the classes were over and the meetings ended. Each one takes his grief in his own way: alone, with ice or diluted with the soft drink of his choice.

Me, I usually suffer from evocations, I remember my time in elementary school in the second half of the decade of the ’50s in the last century. At school I was restless, talkative and rather unruly. So I always kept a great distance, light years away, from the well-known scholars. In particular there was an award insignia, the desire of all parents for their offspring, which was awarded in a special ceremony. Awarded only to the brightest comets who had passed, with the corresponding level of learning, with a purified light, it was called, “Kiss of the Fatherland.”

As the old saying goes, better late than never. fortunately that happy and sociable little boy is alive and well today in the adult. His little friends, the twins Samantha and Samyra, awarded him the kiss of the Blogger Academy.

Other photos of the activity:

The Evangelists of Change

The Evangelists of Change

The brotherhood of Consenso, and more…

Total list of the Evangelists of Change, graduates of the Blogger Academy.

With Wilfredo Vallin and Juan Juan Almeida

Between the chronological extremes, Rebeca Monzo and Hector William Riturreta, the baby of the Academy.

With Miguel Iturria of the blog Island Anchor and Silvio Benítez of the Platform for Change.


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