The Toothmarks

A picture is worth a thousand words. Chinese proverb.
To see it once is better than to hear it ten times. Russian proverb.
Seeing is believing. Spanish proverb.

It’s said that proverbs are the echo of experience.  Through seeing we capture 70% of the information we receive, hence these three cultures transmit messages alluding to vision.

Two things became clear to the population at the end of the year:  1. That 2010 will be a difficult year, the most difficult yet!  2. No openings will occur.  That is, the citizen will not be permitted to find solutions through their own means and methods.  The absolute power asks – one more time! – resist.

Hunger, which follows our tracks like a hyena its wounded prey, nipping at our heels.  For two decades families have lived with minimum sustenance in very vulnerable positions.  At the beginning of the prolonged economic crisis ¡which has already been ongoing for 20 years! – euphemistically called, “A Special Period in a Time of Peace” – brought on by the extinction of socialism in the excavate Union and Eastern Europe, deficiency disorders proliferate: optic and peripheral neuropathy, scurvy, rickets, and other diseases of malnutrition.

In this situation of poverty the despots, like a New Year’s gift, on the first of January put into effect new regulations in the General Customs of the Republic, another measure to exploit the emigrants who come to bring help to their families.

The oppressors know of the growing unrest and the possibility of a social upheaval, of greater dimensions than what happened in 1004.  With the aggravation that this time will not be deflected toward the sea.  It would be inward, an implosion that would fragment the base of their power.

Already in the last military exercise in 2009, of the series called “Bastion,” exercises were conducted for the containment of popular demonstrations, and different forms of intimidation and repression against those showing discontent – the emerging civil society and opinion Readers – were also applied.

At the same time, the mass media have intensified the language of confrontation with the United States.  They are trying, one more time, to use the tired pretext of an enemy to fire up patriotic sentiment against a supposed threat.  But the people now know that the ills are caused by the exclusionary system.

One example of the toothmarks are the hardships to acquire our daily bread.  I apply the teachings of ancient wisdom, as reflected in popular sayings, and offer you these images of the lines at the bakeries in the area where I live.


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