Unity and Complementarity

Bloggers of “Cuban Voices Portal” honored.

I think I remember that it was Benjamin Franklin, one of the promoters of the independence of the United States, who told his companions, in a warning about unity: “We must all hang together or we will all hang separately.”

The quarrels, divisions, envy, hatred and confrontations have been constant in our history. By drawing lessons from the past, we keep from repeating our mistakes again and again. That’s why the traditional negative trends have been stimulated, in a systematic way by those who have governed us for the last fifty years, in order to maintain control of the nation. They have also scientifically applied – with technological support – the research findings about human behavior to develop psychological brakes on the population.

Now that our country is in ruin, our future stolen with the huge and ever growing foreign debt, they seek to continue pitting us against one another. One could summarize the philosophy instilled in power, every man for himself and the system against all. But the government can not avoid our cohesion around the goal of common good: democratic change.

Citizens are banding together, slowly and inexorably outlining a genuine civil society that will transform the country we have into the country we want. The incontrovertible indicator of this is in the repressive actions undertaken. As the battlements of fear and the defenses of helplessness carried by each individual fall, the regime erects physical barriers.

We see this when they prevent citizens, potential opinion leaders – who have exorcised their demons and expressed their opinions freely – from accessing public places such as: the concert by singer-songwriter Pedro Luis Ferrer at the Museum of Fine Arts or the Fresa y Chocolate Cultural Complex debate held by the magazine “Topics” on issues of Information Technology, Communications and the Internet. In another dimension they expelled the group Omin Zona Franca from the Casa de la Cultura in Alamar.

The height of the current chain of intolerance was made on the 15th, in the city of Pinar del Rio, home of Karina Chiu, economist, member of the Editorial Board of the digital magazine “Convivencia“. A segregationist system can not tolerate even a publication called “Coexistance,” not even on the Internet! For this, the courtyard of a house, meeting place of civic debate, was confiscated by the totalitarian state which gives with one hand and takes with the other.

Indeed, while the government pirates were prepared to to loot the assets of that family, I was invited to an activity where the Liberal Party of the Republic of Cuba fulfilled an internal agreement. It consisted of recognition of individuals who strive for democratic change. According to this political group, during the last year, the honorees have in common that they contributed their energies “towards the attainment of true freedom and full dignity of all citizens.”

The Veritas Group members seek to establish partnerships to coordinate and align the aspirations of all Cubans. And so by this to win our rights in a way similar to “Fuenteovejuna” by Lope de Vega: all together. To accomplish this we foster close ties with independent groups: journalists, libraries, fraternal organizations, religious denominations and political parties.

Those of us engaged in promoting and strengthening civil society in our country know that the recovery of self-esteem and civic initiative starts from the skin inward. Physical walls that rise up now, with urgency, day and night, shows us how the veil is already torn from our society. Therefore, with firm and well-calculated steps we, with our brothers of the journal “Convivencia”, walk hand in hand, so as a nation come into the future.

Translated by Karen


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