Celebration for the 150 Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Cuba

Cartel of Welcome

Last December 5 the Great Lodge of Cuba fulfilled his 150 Anniversary of founded. Since part of the jubilee in so significant date realized a program of activities that included on the 2nd an Act of Brotherhood among the Respectable Lodges Soles de Martí and the Tropical  56 of the Great Lodge of the State of the Florida.

Act of Brotherhood

The brotherly union is the route that initiates, in our fragmented nation and spoilt society, the change of perspective that it will finish with the exclusions. With this action the Freemasonry sends a message to the Cuban of both shores of the strait of the Florida: there has come the hour of exorcising the demons of the intolerance and of reconstructing our nation.

Likewise, on the 3rd and 4th I celebrate the colloquium ” Freemasonry in the 21st century ” with three subject matters: 1.-Informatic, information and Freemasonry; 2.-The Masonic education and his influence in the new generations; 3.-Freemasonry and Society in the 21st century.

Another moment of the Act

In the latter session there took part the coordinator of the Group Veritas with the presentation: ” The Freemasonry in the 21st century for an inclusive culture of respect and peace “, that in his conclusions it raises:

The progress is in the interactive dynamics of the complementarity and the reciprocity. The route goes from the exclusion to the universal brotherhood.

Nevertheless, paradoxically the Great Lodge of Cuba in the last third of his century and a half of constituted, as all our society, has remained sealed off in the past. Only we look at the front in the temples where there turns out to be inscribed in bronze the agreement of the First National Congress of History, celebrated in 1942 that he declared:

” … the Cuban Freemasonry has been in all the times, from his foundation, the Institution that has contributed more elements to the independence, the freedom, the culture and the progress, so much from the ideological point of view, since for the example of sacrifice, heroism and perseverance offered by his members to give to Cuba a life of human propriety, of equality and social brotherhood and a regime(diet) of healthy democracy. “

It might say that we behave according to the model of the Greek philosopher Parménides (540-450? To. Of A. C.) the one who affirmed that the Universe is eternal, one and immobile. When, actually, the contemporary sciences us demonstrate that it is more near the conception of another Greek philosopher, Heráclito (576-480 to. Of A.C.), defender of the theory of the constant mutability. Let’s remember(remind) that it is she expressed:

” the permanent unique thing is the change and nothing offers any more resistance “.

The Institution – sealed off in his(her,your) workshops – is today what the social scientists have called

In the shield of The Great Lodge of Cuba of A.L. and A.M. the inscription appears: Sit Lux et Lux Fuit. Infodere vis. It is to say: Let’s do light and made light. In the union there is force. The search of the lighting is present in all the religions and is evoked in the iconography. In turn the strength of the cohesion is well-known.

The light that our society claims is that of the pardon and the reconciliation. The union of the acceptance and the love. Only with the complementarity in the diversity we will be able to cure our anthropologic sores and to enter the future as nation.

Translated by:

M:. M:. Julienne Duarte Perez

R:. L:. Jose Nakens


7 responses to “Celebration for the 150 Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Cuba

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  2. I was one of 21 American Masons that were prsent, Out of these 21 I was the only CUBAN born Masons in the my group. I have over 1000 pictures of this and other events that took place this week. In the picture above you the Grand Master of Cuba Jose Ramon Gonzalez Diaz and the Worshipful Master of Soles de Marti Lodge (has his back turned to the camera) Tony…..

    • Dear Bro. John,
      I too have visited the Brethren in Cuba, but am interested in how you arranged your trip. I hope to put together a group from my Lodge, Jacques deMolay #1390, in Houston, Texas…to visit CUBA!

  3. I am person with black hair in the first pic. I was translating for our WM.

  4. Would you have a loist of the Lodges in Cuba, we are Canadian and visit there yearly and would like to meet with our Cuban brothers in Lodge

    Thank you for your help..

  5. R. W. Bro. Kenneth Lien

    I will be visiting Varadero from May 15th to 23rd and would like to visit a Sol Lodge. I understand they meet on Saturdays. Please provide me with the name of a Lodge contact that I can communicate with.

  6. I will be visiting Guardlavacia in April 2012. Could I have contact details of a Lodge near there that I could visit. I am a member or the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

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