The Insecurity of the State


The afternoon of Friday the 6th was a smooth one, I had assisted at the Blogger Academy from the early morning to midday. In the evening I was planning to go to a conference. Close to 4:30 pm I get a message on my mobile: Today at 5:30 pm a walk, organized by citizens themselves, against violence will start at the corner of 23rd and G Streets, a peaceful walk going all the way up to the corner of 23 and L streets. Join us.

The walk was a beautiful spectacle of pacifism and civility, something our society is not used to, given that physical, verbal and institutional violence is reaching very dangerous levels.

In any civilized society this type of activity is seen as a praiseworthy act. In Cuba, the system sees it as a threat to totalitarian control. The action of the political police demonstrates the insecurity of the state faced with the emerging civil society.

If not, then how can one interpret that Yoani Sanchez, Claudia Cadelo, Orlando Luis Pardo and a friend were intercepted, kidnapped and beaten so that they could not participate in this walk. The level of official brutality once again shows the world the true face of the regime. We hope this time its real face is not forgotten. Do not be naive, it is the same face seen during the spring 2003, the real face.

The youngest generation is sending a peace message to the regime because the reasonable thing is a quiet and harmonic transition. ” .. there is a time for everything under the sun…” says Ecclesiastes, one of the books of wisdom from the Bible. Once this time goes by, we will see these young men and women jump on these brand-new cars and motorcycles of the government’s repressive arm. Then there will be no posters carried, nor songs of peace and love. In the name of the people they will claim the rights that civilized people today demand. The increase in violence inside our society is a sign.

Eugenio Leal

Translated by: jesus montero


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