The Real Civil Society

It is precisely in the month of October 1959, that the first accusations of treason to the ideals of that led the fight against the Batista tyranny, were made to young people from all social classes in the nation.

In order to consolidate the totalitarian government, which still remains in power, an elaborate apparatus was created to destroy civil society organizations, to control the citizens and throw them into terror.

Any statement that did not correspond with communist ideology was repressed. Leaders from different religious and fraternal organizations were expelled or imprisoned. Those faithful to religion and fraternal organizations were marginalized, in their jobs and their university studies, for ideological noncomformity.

When compulsory military service was decreed, citizens who because of their values and convictions would not bear arms were punished. Thousands of young people, by the sole fact that their conscience prevented them from engaging in violence, were sent to prison. Hundreds were raped by common criminals in complicity with their jailers. Never again to return and enjoy the freedom of a democratic society.

Therefore it is grotesque that in the newspaper, Juventud Rebelde, the official organ of the Communist Youth Union, (Wednesday 28 October, “Subtleties of a strategic task” by Alina Perera Robbio) among other things, claims “Spiritual values are not substances that can be provided to humans in doses of tablespoons. They are like trees that one day are planted in seed form, and then grow through hard work, often subtle, persistently deployed throughout the days. ”

We learned that this was the work of the National Bureau of the Union of Communist Youth, concerned about the formation of values in new generations. With the objective to maintain the ideological political work, to create generations involved and sensitized with the Revolution. They want to determine how children think, now that a significant share of the current pioneer collectives born in the 1990s, a difficult time. Also, they are interested in adolescents and young teachers.

The social wounds that Cuba’s rulers have caused, unfortunately, will take generations to heal. Fortunately, the healing process has already begun. The seeds of civil society kept safely in the bosom of many households, fraternal associations and various religious denominations are already sprouting everywhere.

As a sign of the growing citizens’ initiative, an intercultural encounter took place on Thursday, 29, with children in the community, in Katia Sonia Martin Veliz’s house. She is the library director at “Marisol Toraño.

As at libraries across the country, groups of journalists, musical groups, theater groups and houses of prayer express the will of citizens to exercise their natural rights.

All these manifestations are the true civil society stoically sought by the Greek philosopher Epictetus.

Translated by Karen


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