Shared Objectives

Participants in the Civil Library Net

The summer rain on the afternoon of Friday 24 did not prevent the meeting of some of those who run the libraries in Havana, members of the Civic Library Network. The activity, to which the coordinator of the Veritas Group was invited, was held at the home of Nuria de la Vega del Risco, located at Ave 69, No. 18009, between 180 and 182, La Lisa, Ciudad de La Habana .

The meeting was held in order to name the library that Nuria manages, which was renamed “Alexander Solzhenitsyn.” Nuria gave a brief overview of the life of this prolific Russian writer and his literary work, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. She emphasized his civic attitude in the face to the late Soviet regime and the similarities with the intellectuals in our country who are striving for a better Cuba.

The Veritas Group coordinator explained the objectives and results of the work they have done. The exchange resulted in an analysis of the work and projects of the Civic Library Network. We parted with the satisfaction that our objective is to encourage the development of civil society, culture, and peaceful coexistence.

Translated by Karen


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